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Calvert Hall College believes that participation in athletics, both as a player and as a spectator, is an integral part of the student's educational experience. The athletic program teaches such skills and values as the ability to think and function as a member of a team and develop sportsmanship. The benefits of a healthy body, self-discipline, emotional maturity, respect for others, and the importance of a system of morals are fostered through competition.

Calvert Hall Athletics provides experiences that will help students develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. The element of competition and winning, though it exists, is controlled in that it does not determine the nature of the program. Students are stimulated to win, but the principles of good sportsmanship prevail at all times to enhance the educational values of the contest.

Questions about athletics should be directed to the coach or to the Athletic Director, Mr. Dan Mulford ( at 410-825-4266 ext 143. The dates for Spring tryouts will be announced in the Daily Bulletin.

Athletic Department Staff

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    Dan Mulford 05

    Director of Athletics
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    Joshua Ward 04

    Assistant Athletic Director
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    Cynthia Patchak 

    Assistant to the Athletic Director